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Have you gone tired of your teammates always bringing you down? Want to compete at a higher level? Our Dota 2 boost services can help you with that. With our roaster of over 40 boosters ranked at 6000MMR+, we are ready to start your order within seconds on any region. We're also providing you the option to get either Duo (Play with the booster) or Solo boost (Play on your own account - no account sharing is needed for this one) alongside other special options such as streaming (This can be done on Twitch or YouTube and if requested even on Discord), even options such as specific heroes / various heroes or offline mode - If you want the booster to play a specific role (solo mid, hard carry, offlaner, etc.) you can specify it on the order description while at the checkout (In the box called "comments") this also goes for VPN or if you want the booster to be from a specific continent. After you have bought a boost, we will notify all of our boosters and the first available one will get assigned to your order, after that, you will be able to communicate with him on our blue chat called "Booster chat".

If you do not have a rank yet thus not eligible for MMR boosting, please have a look at our calibration matches here - we will have one of our boosters play your calibration games and get you at least a 70% win rate after the games have been finished simply order the boost based on what MMR you have received.

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I don't want to share my account but I still want the boost
That is not a problem! You can play on your own account during the boost as long as you select the option "Play with the booster" when ordering the boost.
Can I not play at all during the boost?
You can always play when the booster is offline or taking a break but just don't play competitive mode as that will affect the order and could lead to some delays.
Are your boosters legit players or are they cheating?
All of our boosters are 6000+ MMR players (With the average being at around 7000 MMR) which we've manually verified to make sure we'll only hire the best of the best! They will carry you or boost your account using their sheer skill.
Will my inventory be put in any danger?
Not at all. Our boosters will only focus on boosting your MMR and that alone. On top of that, you will be protected by your Steam Authenticator which will keep track of and stop any potential trades.

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