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Our Hearthstone boosting services can help you reach Legend in no time. We provide Hearthstone boost in both Standard and Wild.  We offer Skype/Discord share screen boost in which the booster spectates you and tells you the plays or Teamviewer boost in which the booster will connect to your computer to boost your rank without having to access your account. We ensure the safety of your account because of our share screen system. The schedules for the boosters are extremely flexible so you will be able to arrange your boost as you like. For boosting you need to have a decent Hearthstone card collection, for getting legend you need to have a deck capable of reaching legend in the current Hearthstone meta. Our services are available on every server - America, Europe, and Asia! 

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Can I purchase the boost during the last days of the month?
We only accept small orders during the last days (such as a few ranks and preferably not boosts to Legend as those can be quite hard to complete during the last few days).
I still have a few questions that haven't been answered, what can I do?
We have a 24/7 live chat support that can answer all of your questions. Simply write us a message and you will be connected with someone in a matter of seconds.
During the boost, can I play on my account?
Yes, you can, but please avoid playing ranked mode. Simply play other game modes.
How do I get in touch with my booster?
After you have purchased the boost, you will receive an email with the instructions.

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